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Case 1- Candice “We don’t need to die!”

Summary Trigger Warning In this episode, we cover topics of mental and physical health, psychosis, hysteria, hysterectomy, and ACOG.   We touch on topics of suicide, accidental death, and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome towards the end of the episode.  There may be some adult language in this episode. 4:00- Psychosis 6:20- Abusive Marriage 8:15- They used…More


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Jo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Endometriosis Crisis Connection: A volunteer organization to assist Endometriosis patients in crisis with peer and resource support. Jo is an endometriosis patient, advocate, and activist in her spare time while also working Developmental Therapist utilizing Play Therapy with special needs children ages birth to 3. She is also a dedicated licensed foster parent to 3 littles.

EndoTrauma is a passion project to highlight the lived experiences and trauma associated with being diagnosed, treatments, and living with Endometriosis.

Jo Zay painted with 20 positive and 20 negative words associated with Endometriosis voted on by the online endo community in 2019.

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